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US Drops Reward Offer for Former al-Shabab Leader

The U.S. State Department has withdrawn its reward offer for Mukhtar Robow, a former leader of the Somali militant group al-Shabab. In June 2012, the

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Syrian forces advance on Daesh-held Dayr al-Zawr province

Syrian army forces, supported by allied fighters, have reportedly managed to advance on the Daesh-held eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr for the first time since

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Over 140 people buried in China landslide: Officials
- Jun 24, 2017
Chinese rescuers scoured through rocks on Saturday in a frantic search for more than 140 people feared buried after a landslide smashed through a mountain village in southwest Sichuan province. A ...
8 Emirati princesses found guilty of human trafficking in Belgian court
- Jun 24, 2017
Eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been convicted of human trafficking and given fines and suspended prison terms by a Belgian court. The Brussels criminal court on Friday handed ...
Trump approves sale of drones to India: Report
- Jun 24, 2017
The administration of US President Donald Trump has authorized the sale of more than 20 unarmed surveillance drones to India, the manufacturer says. Last year, India submitted a request for 22 ...
Jubbaland leader accused of arming Al shabaab
- Jun 22, 2017
Mohamed Ali Yusuf, a lawmaker who was forced out of Jubbaland parliament has accused the state’s President Ahmed Madobe of sending arms to the Al Qaeda-linked Al shabaab group. Speaking at a ...
World leaders converge in Uganda for first Refugee Solidarity Summit.
- Jun 22, 2017
Uganda is hosting the first Refugee Solidarity Summit backed by the United Nations to find support for the over 1.3 million refugees in the country for the next four years. Opening ...
Firm calls for more aid for starving Somalis.
- Jun 22, 2017
A leading money transfer firm has rallied corporates, individuals and governments to join hands and support thousands of Somalis hit by prolonged drought. While it joined other corporates at a Charity ...
Civilian oversight of military: How Trump is testing its minimum levels.
- Jun 22, 2017
President Trump is letting the Pentagon set its own troop levels for Afghanistan. He’s given commanders similar flexibility in Iraq and Syria. He’s quickly approved Defense Department plans for counterterrorism ...
‘This is a lawless place’: Australia’s Somali community expresses concern for relatives in Libya.
- Jun 22, 2017
A Facebook video authenticated by the aid agency Amnesty International shows malnourished African captives – most of them thought to be Somalis – crammed into concrete cells. Some are forced to ...

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