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Police hunt down associates of Al Shabaab operative killed Friday

Anti-terrorism detectives are pursuing three accomplices of wanted terror suspect Hussein Said Omar aka Babley who was gunned down on Friday in Bamburi, Mombasa county.

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Obama’s DHS chief: Trump’s generals should stay to ‘right the ship’

The cadre of US generals and retired generals working under President Donald Trump should not resign as a wave of resignations hits the White House in

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UN concerned over ‘extreme risks’ families face in Tal Afar ops
- Aug 21, 2017
The United Nations has called on all parties involved in operations to free the Iraqi city of Tal Afar from its occupying Daesh terrorists to avoid civilian casualties. “Thousands of people ...
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10 sailors missing, 5 injured after US destroyer collision near Singapore
- Aug 21, 2017
A US Navy warship has been damaged after collision with a merchant ship east of Singapore, leading to disappearance of 10 sailors and injury of five others. Sunday’s collision marked the ...
US must pay $245mn in damage to chemical victims of Iraq-Iran war: Judiciary
- Aug 21, 2017
The Iranian Judiciary has issued a ruling demanding that the US government pay around 245 million dollars in damage to a number of victims of chemical attacks carried out by ...
Suspected Al Shabaab Attack Kills 5 Policemen In Kenya’s East
- Aug 16, 2017
A Kenyan government official says suspected al-Shabab extremists have killed five police officers in an ambush in the country’s east. Northeastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh on Tuesday said fighters with the ...
Saudi-led siege can’t bring Qatar to its knees: Senior official
- Aug 16, 2017
An adviser to Qatar’s foreign minister says the Saudi-led quartet of boycotters have failed to bring his country to its knees, adding that Riyadh’s anti-Doha “smear campaign’ is only reminiscent ...
Trump defends initial response to Charlottesville violence
- Aug 16, 2017
US President Donald Trump has defended his initial response to last week’s bloody rally in Charlottesville, suggesting that the counter-protesters were just as violent as the white supremacists. On Saturday, thousands of white supremacists, ...
Somali Government in talks with Mukhtar Robow Ali (Abu Mansor)
- Aug 16, 2017
The Federal Government of Somalia’s policy is to welcome those willing to renounce terrorists and want to join the peace process and Nation building. Hence, the Federal Government of Somalia welcomes ...
Kenya election 2017: Odinga supporters warned over claims
- Aug 11, 2017
Kenya’s electoral commission has warned the opposition that its claims of victory for its presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, could be deemed illegal. The opposition has published its own figures, putting Mr ...

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